This is Peter Chow.


Things will get better. An old but gold rule is that when there is a way, there is a will. I just hate saying 'give up'.


To be such motivated dude, I don't need any secret chemicals. Instead, I just want to keep myself energetic and moving forward.


Keeping questioning about the surroundings would make learning faster than ever. Curiosity doesn't kill the cat, but brings me to the next level.

What I have done


Co-founder@Gravitons, Inc


Gravitons, Inc

Bridged the technologies and the communication for the future.

Do you have a Gööp?May 17' - Present
Web & QA Engineer Internship@9GAG, Inc

Web & QA Engineer Internship

9GAG, Inc

Starting as a QA engineer, I am responsible for writing automated tests on Web, Android and iOS platforms. It's so lucky for me to be here to learn from the company with such large amount of users.

Let's make the world happier!Nov 16' - May 17'
Research Assistant, Developer (Part-time)@Industrial Manufacturing System Engineering Department, HKU

Research Assistant, Developer (Part-time)

Industrial Manufacturing System Engineering Department, HKU

I am responsible for developing some application in both Android and Unity. The latest project is to develop an Android app to control more than 10 mobile phones to take synchronized photos of some art models and transfrom it to be a digital 3D model.

Sep 16' - June 17'
Full Stack Developer@OnGrad Consultant Limited

Full Stack Developer

OnGrad Consultant Limited

OnGrad is a Hong Kong consultant firm specializing in helping new graduates with job hunting. I built the whole stack of the website from back to front making uses of many modern web development tools.

Learn more about OnGradJuly 16' - Sep 16'
Software Engineering Intern@Levyx, Inc @ CA, USA

Software Engineering Intern

Levyx, Inc @ CA, USA

Levyx is an edging startup providing solution to big data processing and analysis. My responsibility is about testing the tools and improve the performance of the products. Performance matters here.

Learn more about LevyxJun 16' - Aug 16'
Software Developer@Oursky Limited

Software Developer

Oursky Limited

Being a Software Developer there, I have been assigned to different projects of Standnews and Lee Kum Kee for the web development. Besides, QA is also a part of my job to dig out any bug in the every product.

Learn more about OurskyJun 15' - Nov 15'
Teaching Consultant@Koding Kingdom (HK) Limited

Teaching Consultant

Koding Kingdom (HK) Limited

Koding Kingdom(KK) provides coding courses for kids and teenagers in different age groups. I mainly taught the class in TouchDevelop and Python. Moreover, I have gained the experience on teaching kids coding here for different languages like Scratch and Stencyl.

Watch the interview of KKOct 14' - May 15'
Film Manager@TEDxHKU

Film Manager


As a film manager, I need to plan and organize the live streaming and video recording of the events. Except the on-day event, production of the promotional video and videos of all events is taken care by me and the team.

Watch the promotion videoJan 14' - Jun 15'